About Us

Luis Espel, your neighborhood electrician

Every person and every company has its history. As a child I was fascinated with taking things apart to figure out how they work. I ended up choosing to continue that passion by going to school to learn how electricity worked and became an electrician.

In 1996, after working in the field for several years, I started my own electrical service company in Long Island, New York under the name LEE Systems (LEE standing for Luis Espel Electrical). After a short year of business, I received an offer to work in the State of Florida for an international company in the same electrical field until I was able to re-establish LEE Systems in 1997 with a main location in Tampa.

In the beginning, our main focus was the industrial field. However, with a small budget for advertising, I started to work the residential market and experienced a positive response from homeowners regarding the quality of my work. Praises were received for what I have always believed to be normal ethical business practice. Just by simply answering and returning calls, showing up when I said I would and doing an honest days work!

After discovering this new passion of enjoying the diversity in people and forming new relationships, I decided to re-focus the company on residential service. It was rewarding to serve people who appreciated the quality of work that my company and I had to offer.

In 2004 LEE Systems, Inc. added two more vehicles and by the end of 2006 the company expanded to servicing the entire Tampa Bay area in the residential and commercial markets.

In January 2007 the full service uniform was introduced, along with the mandatory drug testing, background screening and training of all technicians to ensure the safety of our customers.

Since we were no longer working in the industrial field, around the end of 2008, in order to better identify the company to new customers and keeping the familiarity to our established clients, the decision was made to change the company name to LEE Electric, Inc.

What have been some of our challenges?
LEE Electric has always prospered by trial and error taking the opportunity to learn and grow. We pay attention to what our customers have to say and how we conduct ourselves as a company.

PRICE is always a main concern. We used to charge by time and material. It sounds simple and logical; however this practice wearies the customer by not knowing how much the job will cost until the end at times wondering if the technician is taking too long on purpose.

We worked hard to simplify our pricing and provide you with the price of service for your approval before we begin the work. This new system is very well accepted because it puts the pressure on us to make sure we complete the job in time saving you, the customer, valuable time and money.

Our goals:
To keep you safe and make you smile! We continue our training each year so that we can educate our clients on the latest National Electrical Code Changes, National Fire Protection Code and how they apply to your homes and businesses. We also hope to establish a relationship to increase our probabilities of continuing to do business again in the future with you, your family and your friends. We look forward to meeting you and to service your electrical needs.

Our Motto:
"Short-cuts lead to long falls". We do it right the first time!